Rubber Ducky Races at West Kingdom Beltane Event

Their Highnesses, the Princesses of the West Kingdom, have announced that They will sponsor a Rubber Duckie Regatta at Beltane Coronation April 29, 2006. The race will benefit Toys for Tots.

In a post on the West Kingdom list, Their Highnesses wrote:

Unto the Populace of the West do The Princesses of the West, Peza of the Mists, Stefana of Cynagua, and Rosalyn of Oertha, send forth salutations and the following invitation:

Their Highnesses invite everyone to participate in the inaugural Princess' of the West Rubber Duckie Regatta at Beltane Coronation. As the Princesses of the West had so much fun with Their rubber duckies in the impromptu lakes at March Crown, We have decided to sponsor Rubber Duckie Races at Beltane. The Princesses would ask all who would wish to take part in this regatta to bring a new unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots (in honor of Queen Eliska) along with a rubber duckie to enter in the race (We will have rubber duckies available for those unable to bring their own). We would also take this opportunity to encourage all children who will be attending to come and play with Us!! We look forward to seeing everyone at Beltane.

By the way, wagering on the races is encouraged; however, as gambling for profit is a vice, Their Highnesses would wish to foster virtue in place of this vice. As such, all proceeds from regatta wagering will be gratefully accepted as donations to benefit Toys for Tots.