Brightest Supernova in Recorded History is Period for SCA

NASA: Did your persona see it? May 1, 1006 CE, a new star appeared in the sky. Recorded by astronomers and astrologers in many countries, the star is now known to be a supernova. The supernova, an exploding star, appeared suddenly in the constellation Lupus (the Wolf) in the southern sky. It took months to fade from view, and for a time was brighter to the eye than the nearby planet Venus. Observers saw the star from China, Iraq, Egypt, Italy, Japan, and Switzerland.

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My persona will see it in three years!

When I created my persona, I decided that my persona's current date is exactly 1000 years, to the day, before now, reckoned as if the Gregorian calendar had existed. It's fun to be able to research current news events of my persona's daily life.

Being Byzantine, my persona lives in the area that was able to see the supernova, so I'll have to remind myself three years from now that this momentous astrological event happens. What better way to remind my thousand-year-ago persona of this, than to put a calendar appointment into my Handspring Visor? [GRIN]