Details Available on East-Atlantia Kingdom Crusades

The annual Kingdom Crusades between the kingdoms of the East and Atlantia is scheduled for October 10-12, 2003. Details are now available on the event website. Hear ye, good gentles!

Once again, you may have a last chance to don your armor, flex your bows and flash your blades before the cold winds of winter arrive.

This year's Kingdom Crusades will again be held in the Barony of Bright Hills, in the Kingdom of Atlantia, on the weekend of October 10-12. The site, Camp Ramblewood, in Darlington, MD, opens at 5pm on Friday, October 10th, and closes at noon on Sunday, October 12th.

On Saturday there will be heavy weapons, fencing and archery on the field, in addition to classes and dance practice. Great Court will take place that evening, followed by a night of live music and dancing.