Northshield Equestrian Practice

For those of you interested in pursuing the equestrian arts, please consider attending Northshield's Equestrian Practice this year. Not only will we be teaching riding lessons, and other hands-on activities with the horses, we will be offering classes and a lunch time lecture as well.

Grandview Equestrian Center
2348 Dyerson Rd
McFarland, WI 53558

8:00-Site Opens
8:30-9:30- Grooming and Tacking
9:30-12:00- Riding Lessons (2 sessions)
12:00-1:30-Lunch and Dom Duarte Lecture
1:30-2:00- Weapons Handling Class
2:00-4:30- Games Practice and Drills
4:30-? Clean up/Dinner off site/Revel

This practice is a little more structured with the intent of having people learn various aspects of equestrian activity.

***Classes will run on time!****

The grooming and tacking class is mandatory for any non-horse owner wishing to ride.

The riding lessons will be split into two sessions. Basic riding skills will be the main focus.

During the riding lessons, two classes will be offered back to back, and repeated during the second riding session, so that everyone will have the opportunity to take the classes. The classes offered will be:

  • Horse Barding
  • Weapon Construction

Lunch will be provided for a small fee. During lunch there will be a lecture on the treatise of Dom Duarte, King of Portugal. You will have a chance to hear about medieval horsemanship from a medieval king and master horseman.

The afternoon games will include drills to improve your skills at each activity.

Clean up will include putting up equipment, grooming and feeding of horses and usual site clean up. Dinner may be arranged somewhere off site.

Please remember the Northshield tradition of offering compensation to horse owners if you ride their horse during the event. Gas prices are high, and it takes time and money to prepare a horse to bring it to an event. Be a gracious rider, and offer what you can.


  • Shoes with a sturdy sole and small heel.
  • Comfortable clothing; garb not necessary; DO NOT attempt to ride in dresses, skirts, cloaks, long tunics (unless they are horseman tunics with slits up the middle in front and back) or shorts!
  • Some horse owners may require the use of a riding helmet; there will be some available; if you have your own, please bring it.

Contact the EMIC (Kassandra Tenebrosa/Kristi Charron if you plan on authorizing.

Only pre-registered authorizations will occur! There will be no "last minute" authorizations! Please respect this, as it will allow the rest of the event to run smoothly! Location:
Barony of Jararvellir (McFarland, Wisconsin)