Fourth Annual Royal Brewing Competition at Lilies War

Carraig mac Cosgraigh, Head of the Calontir Brewers' Guild, has announced that the Fourth Annual Royal Brewing Competition will take place at this year's Lilies War.

Carraig mac Cosgraigh writes:

I am pleased to announce that the 4th annual Royal Brewing Competition will be held at Lillies this summer. The purpose of this competition is to pick the brewer who will represent the crown for the next year.

The rules for the competition include:

  1. Documentation is required and will be judged at the advanced level. This allows the judges to determine the depth of the brewers understanding of period brewing practices.
  2. A minimum of two and a maximum of three products must be submitted. This allows the judges to see the breadth of experience of the brewer and the consistancy of the quality of her or his work.
  3. Each product must be from a separate recipe. Each recipe must be derived from a documented period recipe or be a plausibly-period original recipe. The contestant may submit all beers, all wines, or all meads so long as they are produced from unique recipes. However, it is preferred that a diverse selection of beers, wines, and meads be submitted.
  4. Products from commercial kits may not be submitted.

I look forward to seeing many of Calontir's brewers this summer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Best Regards,
Carraig mac Cosgraigh
Guild Head