Cudgel War IV

Cudgel War is back once again! Still not as bloody as the historical original, but surely as rich in events also this time!

The honourable Canton of Humalasalo offers you again a wonderful possibility to participate in an Aarnimetsän tent camp. During this 10 day event you have a lot of activities to choose from: there is heavy fighting in tourneys (Nordic 1000 on Tuesday, July 25) and three days of war, fencing, archery, arts and sciences lectures and competitions, dancing, games... And, of course, you get to enjoy the Finnish summer, sauna and socializing round the fire!

The whole war, all ten days, for SCA/SKA members only 37 euros and for non-members 42 euros!

Event site
Kavalahti scout camp area lies sprawled over varying grounds in a pine forest. The grassy main area of the camp borders to a lake on one side (complete with a sauna, canoes and a small sandy beach) and the dining hall building (a converted barn) on the other side. The smaller main building with the public kitchen and beds for 30 is situated slightly uphill above the main grounds. The cottages are in the forest still a bit further uphill (some 100 meters from the main area). A firepit with benches will be set up in the middle of the main grounds and there's another firepit by the lake.

There are several camping grounds on the site (altogether 7 hectares). The main area between the kitchen and the beach is reserved for period camping and is not extremely spacious. There are other camp sites on the outskirts of the area (close to the parking lot and in the forest above the main building) that can be used for mundane tents. The ground in the forest campsite may not be very suitable for driving in stakes, but there are plenty of trees for fastening the ropes; the other camp sites are grassy and the ground is softer there. There are outhouses reasonably close (although over varying ground) to all of the accommodations.

As is fitting for a Finnish camp site, there are several saunas by the lake. The big sauna building has two separate saunas and heated water for showers. The small sauna closest to the lake is a traditional wood heated sauna and is supposed to give the best heat. Location:
Canton of Humalasalo (Kavalahti Scout Camp, Finland)