Pennsylvania Traffic Law Changes Cause Concern for Pennsic Travel

New Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicle laws have sparked discussion on several kingdom lists. Since the Pennsic War is located in Slippery Rock, PA, many SCA members will be driving through at least a portion of the state in their summer travels. The legal changes are as follows:

Lighted headlamps in signed work zones

All drivers are required to have lighted headlamps in signed work zones. This provision ensures increased visibility of vehicles in work zones, and enhanced driver awareness of the work zones.
-Effective February 21, 2003.

Child Restraint Systems

Drivers of a passenger car, class I or class II truck, classic motor vehicle, antique motor vehicle, or motor home who transport children, 4 years of age or older, but less than 8 must fasten the child securely in a safety seat system and an appropriate fitting child booster seat. This also applies to school vehicles.
-Effective February 21, 2003.

Readers are encouraged to visit the Pennsylvania DMV for more information or to review the state's traffic laws.