Rowany Festival Challenge Answered

Their Majesties of Lochac have commanded Their subjects to raise a Companie of fighters for the upcoming Rowany Festival (April 18-21, 2003). Luan O'Cliaranach an Fael, Captain Company of the Wolf Rampant, has taken up the challenge and plans to run a Pas D'Armes for light fighters. In a message on the Lochac list, Captain Luan writes:

Unto the populace I send greetings,

At the coming Rowany Festival, by command of the Crown and with Royal Warrant to raise and form a companie of good gentles, I Do hear give notice of my intention to Run a Pas D'Armes in the noble arte of Rapier.

I Call upon all those who profess skill at the noble arte of Defence to hear this call, mindful of the Glory and honour of the fair realm of Lochac.

Those individuals and bands wishing to sign on should make their names known to me at the soonest oppertunity, with those bands of more than 5 providing one Corporal to lead them who should be skilled in the marshals artes.

Those not wishing to sign on with my Company, but who may wish to partake in the Pas to test our skill and mettle should thier names also make known to me at the earliest opportunity.

Allready the Prestigious Rowany School of Defence has answered this challenge and stands ready to test all those with courage and skill that join my company in this venture.

Those members of the company and all others with a desire to do so, are invited to make ready for muster not less than one half hour before the event with such banners, pennants and arms as they deem suitable, to parade to the lists and be presented, Their Majesties willing, to the Crown before the commencement of combat. It is the intention of this parade and indeed the Pas to follow to show such pomp and ceremonies as are befitting of such a noble arte and to display to the populace all that is good and fine in the Arte of Defence.

And, although on short notice, any gentles of the far flung realms that wish to journey to our fair southern kingdom to test their mettle and skill will be welcomed with open arms.

Yours in Service
Luan O'Cliaranach an Fael
Captain Company of the Wolf Rampant

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