"Stitch Counters" Cause Cancellation of Civil War Re-enactment

Some former participants are blaming "stitch counters," elitists who demand extreme authenticity for reenactors, for the cancellation of this year's staging of the Civil War Battle of Selma (Alabama).

Organizers of the event cite poor pre-registration for the cancellation, but some reenactors believe the problem goes deeper.

"It was getting to the point where we weren't exactly welcomed with open arms," said Roger Brothers, captain of the 62nd Alabama unit, who decided to skip this year's battle for the first time in 18 years.

The annual event was originally conceived to boost the town's economy.

"Stitch Counters" Cause Cancellation of Civil War Re-enactment

Hello! I'm new to this site. I was doing a Google to find stitch counters for embroidery and you folks popped up! While I didn't find the stitch counters that I was looking for, I hit pay dirt just the same!

This is a fascinating network and likely to be very helpful to me as a needleworker. I specialize in historical styles of needlework and I know that I'll find interesting posts regarding historical stitching.

However, I'm fascinated by the "Stitch Counters" who brought me here! Could someone please tell me how I may view the original article? Seems that the Baltimore Sun newspaper doesn't recollect the article. Perhaps if I had the date and writer of the article, I'd be more successful in finding it.

I'm looking forward to "meeting" you folks!


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Hi, Linda

I'm glad you found SCAtoday.net to be useful. Welcome!

Unfortunately, a lot of newspapers don't keep their articles online indefinitely, and this appears to be such a case. I know it would be more helpful if we cut and pasted the entire article here, but copyright law does not allow us to do that. The best we can do is a brief abstract and a link to the original.

The only suggestion I could make is to try a Google search based on keywords from our abstract.

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Stitch Counters

Some people just have to get tight-assed and ruin a good thing for everybody.

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