How to become a Laurel

Greetings Good Gentles, I have a question pertaining to how participants become Laurels. I am unable to find any information as to the process and finer points. Can someone please point me in the right direction... YiS Fionn

Re: How to Become a Laurel

I am apprenticed to Mistress Nonna the Midwife of Stormgangr. My understanding of the process (at least as I have seen it here in teh Middle Kingdom) is that the members of the Order of the Laurel recommend that an apprentice or protege be elevated to Their Majesties. If Their Majesties think it right and proper they will call the individual in question before them and direct them to stand vigil. At a future time (sometimes later the same day in at least 2 cases that I know of) the individual is elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Court.

You become an apprentice by coming to the attention of a Laurel by working on whatever your art or science is (in my case scribal arts), researching and possibly teaching. A Laurel isn't just a master at their art or science, they teach and guide,and they also have to have the qualities of a peer.

Mistress Nonna said that her job as my Laurel is to encourage me to learn more, to share my knowledge and to develop the qualities of a peer.

As I said above, this is my understanding of the process. It may vary from Kingdom to Kingdom and even from reign to reign or Laurel to Laurel.

Edlyn of Meadowburne, O.W
Winged Hills, Barony Flaming Gryphon
Middle Kingdom