Guild of the Iron Bow Created

THL Ronan MacMorton reports that Their Majesties Boru and Dierdre have created a new guild in the Kingdom of Meridies: the Iron Bow.

THL Ronan MacMorton writes:

At last weekend's coronation one of the last acts performed by their Royal Majesties Boru and Dierdre was to ratify and grant the charter of a new guild within the Kingdom. The guild is known as THE IRON BOW and is for the promotion and building of interest in the sport of archery and live weapons.

It includes all forms of archery both live and combat and is for anyone interested. Listed below is a linc to a Yahoo group that has been set up for the guild to use for ideas, discussions, and good natured fun. Please pass it along to anyone who would be interested.

In loyal kingdom service,

THL Ronan MacMorton, Current Yeoman to the Queen of Meridies
Seneschal of Nant-Y-Derwyddon