Middle Eastern War VII

The smell of battle covers the ancient battlefield like the clock of Chiron, and bitter metal smell of death permeates the cold dark. Upon this battlefield where a crooked flag hangs askew on top a lone hill, a long lost voice whispers of valor and victories long past.

A knight comes into view, dressed in well-used armor; he crests the hill and stands for a moment silent in the refreshing wind. He reaches out to the banner, and straightens it before setting it more deeply in to the moist earth, where the wind catches the edge of the flag pulling it taunt in the breeze, revealing the three purple arrows upon a field of gold.

The unknown warrior takes his gauntlet from his hand and with a challenging roar, casts it across the plane that has seen so many battles.

"I reclaim this land for the Shire of Arrows' Flight! I charge thee gentle knights of the realm, to stand with me and defend our lands!

Join with us on the day of May 12th through the 14th, that we my prove our worth upon the battlefield and thus reclaim our lands!

The event will again be held at the Castle Amphitheater at the east end of Provo (Utah) Center Street.

Take your best route to I-15 exit on the EAST bound Provo Center Street Exit 267 ( the city immediately north of us, Orem also has a Center Street exit from I-15, so please be sure of the exit numbers!) continue straight East on Center Street (Around 10th East Center Street you should start seeing the SCA direction signs). Don't take the Seven Peaks turn off!

There will be both armored fighting tournaments and rapier tournaments. Come fight on the castle!

Lady Bronwyn y Cardigan will be offering youth activities. Reminder-shire youth activities are not a babysitting service. A parent or guardian must accompany your children at all times during the youth activities.

Once again the beautiful and talented Lady Megen de la Beche has agreed to organize an Hofla for all of the belly dancers and drummers to show off their talents. If your talent is "appreciative audience," you will be doubly welcome!

Following ME War tradition, we will once again be offering a feast on Saturday night, tentatively featuring BBQ Beef Brisket.

Feast Fee: $7 Adults, $5 ages 6-12, under 6 no charge.
Reservations end on the 5th of May.
Weekend site fees: $12.00 Adults, 6-12 $6.00, Under 6 no charge, $3 surcharge non-members. Camping spots are first-come, first served unless prior arrangements are made with the autocrat.
Day Trip site fee: $8 adults, $4 ages 6-12

A&S Competition: Populace choice finished or unfinished, bring your current or last project and show off your skills.

Classes in: Belly dancing

Merchant's row: If you want to sell it or trade it bring it here (Merchant fee= donation to the volunteer bag raffle)

Volunteers: We Love and need you! Remember all events run on volunteer efforts. If you have any suggestions for classes (or willing to teach one) we would be appreciative. A volunteer bag raffle is planned.

Autocrat: Michael MacCranney screwyrabbit1@yahoo.com

Merchant coordinator: Lady Brownyn y Cardigan: chanamb@aol.com

Class schedule Coordination: Lady Megan de la Beche

Feastocrat: Milord Leonard Location:
Shire of Arrows' Flight (Provo, Utah)