May Revel

It's the LUSTY MONTH OF MAY. Come a-Maying, practice the arts of chivalry; share in the festivities of sports, fighting and courtly love; enjoy music and gaiety and feasting. There will be a Defenders of the Heirs tourney, for both rapier and heavy, where fighters will fight for a child (not their own) for the title of Defender of the Heirs. An armoured 3 legged race and an obstacle course.

Make and bring your Great Horses and palfreys (stick horses, of course) to compete in races and Best in Show. For the more genteel arts: hand kissing, the ladies shuttlecock tourney, and a favour contest. The Baronial A&S competition is Dancing. And some surprises too.

Story telling, favour making and pillow boffer for the kids; other activities if we can fit them in.

Feast will be potluck with beast and bird furnished. Dishes to be brought in order of your birth mounth:
Jan., Feb. March - -Breads, spreads and cheeses
April, May, June - - vegetable dishes, includes salads
July, Aug., Sept - - desserts
Oct. Nov., Dec. - - starshes ( rice, pastas etc.)

LOCATION: Centennial Park, Anchorage, Alaska

Site opens Friday night, May 12, at 6 pm and closes Sunday at 5 pm

Site fee: Adults: $5 Children 12 to 4: $3 Children 3 and under: Free

NOTES: Parking - no parking on the roads, in designated areas only or in the camping spaces as we will be the only ones in the park. Restrooms will be open and the key will be kept at the constable's area. The Barony of Eskalya will follow the Kingdom of the West's policy on Minor's waivers and medical consents.

For information contact: Elspeth Bouchannane (Jacki Frederick) Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)