Stags Bloodbath & al-Barran Baronial Investiture

The sounds of War are fading but the watch at our borders is ever vigilant. Our troops are always at the ready for the battle cry may reach our ears at any time. To help keep our fighters at their peek, we have called for training, training and more training. The Stag must always prepare to defend our borders or come to the aid of His cousins in need.

Come join those in al-Barran for a day of fighter training and War preparedness. We are looking for revered fighters to share their knowledge and talents with you. We are also planning various classes dealing with other aspects to support our troops (heraldic display, armor and tactics, Lists of tournaments, favors, etc.) - something for everyone!! If you would like to share your talents, please get in touch with the class coordinator listed below.

Since our camping enjoyment is at a peak this July, we will have hotel offerings for your stay shortly available. More information will be forthcoming including the offerings we shall have at our feast to be prepared by Countess Monika and Mistress Richenza. Stags Bloodbath/al-Barran Baronial Investiture

Date: July 8, 2006
Times: Site Opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM
Sponsoring Group: Barony of al-Barran
Location: Moriarty Civic Center, 202 Broadway, Moriarty NM 87035
Autocrat: Duchess Kathryn of Iveragh (Kathryn Ballard)

Site Fee: $8-Those aged 16 and older | Children 15 and under are free Feast Fee: $7 for all ages | $3-Non-member paying adults Make checks payable to the "SCA-Barony of al-Barran".

This is a dry site.

Directions to the site: Take your best route to eastbound 1-40 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Head towards Moriarty (roughly 30 miles east of Albuquerque) and take Exit 196 and head right at the stop sign, then go right again at the first stoplight (west). After .2 miles, make a left on Broadway (next to the post office). After .2 miles, the Civic Center is left across the street from City Hall.

Autocrat: Duchess Kathryn of Iveragh (
Class Coordinator: Mistress Maria Sol de Leon (
Site Coordinator: Lady Bronwen Blackwell (
Royal Liaison: Baroness Cailte Caitchairn ( Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Moriarty New Mexico)