Eulogy for Baron Domingo and Baroness Ysabet

Here is the eulogy read by Lord Fergus at the "funeral" of Baron Domingo and Baroness Ysabet. A few days ago, ran a story ( by Lord Fergus, describing, in persona, the succession of a Barony within the Kingdom of Atenveldt. By popular demand, here is the eulogy he delivered on that "sad" occasion.

Meam animam a iustin vendeo et illum reberum balteum omnes accipebam.

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to pay final tribute to a couple of warm, refreshing people. People who seemed to bring forth an elixir of life in a happy, almost percolating manner. Who would take the days when we felt ground down, and not worth beans, and make it a day where we had a fluffy cloud on our shoulders. Yes, the spice they added to the top of our lives made everything a smoothe, non-bitter and stimulatingly perfect.

Oh they had their serious side too. Oh YES they did! They would bounce...and bounce...and bounce...and bounce...and bounce...and, well, bounce around fixing one problem after another. Their eyes on the prize like a bright shiny thing dangling in space before them like the keys to the castle. So shiny...get the's so pretty...gotta get the shiny...I'll hide it in a sock!!! Yeah!! They'll never find it there...Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!!!!

AHEM! Sorry, Baroness Ysabet had a more profound effect on me than I thought.

Baron Domingo and Baroness Ysabet were more than our leaders....they were our friends. Mind you, not the kind you feel comfortable loaning money to. She'd use it to buy another ferret and him something coffee related. But as frivolous as they could be, they were always there for you...much like they are here for you now...except alive.

Playwright Benjamin Disraeli said it best, "The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him, his own." We have been called the richest barony in the known world. We can look back on Mingo and Ysabet, and remember how proud they were standing up in front representing us...and KNOW that we are the richest barony in the knowne world. And that they...and everyone who knew them are treasures beyond the reckoning of riches.

Remember them with a smile, a laugh or a song, and you'll show them, from wherever they are, how much you shine. How much WE shine. I can't think of a better tribute...can you?

Goodbye Domingo, You Peacockish Fop! Goodbye Ysabet, You Little Ferret! May your afterlife be filled with fine material, coffee, and shiny little baubles. Adieu my dear friends, adieu.

Ld. Fergus DeBotha
Mingo and Ysabet are dead...
And I'm a victim of circumstance

Reprinted by kind permission of the author.