Feasting from A to Z

Mistress Aoibheil of Dun Holen will be presenting a hands-on class on planning and executing a feast at the AEthelmearc Academy June 21, 2003 in Steltonwald, Barony Debatable Lands. The class will be entitled "SCA Feast - From Beginning to End." Mistress Aoibheil writes:

SCA Feast - from Beginning to End

I am presenting a hands on approach to planning a feast. At this years Aethelmearc Academy in BMDL/Steltonwald, June 21, 2003, we are offering a unique opportunity for novice cooks to get involved in the entire feast experience, gain experience and exposure.

An all day sideboard is being planned for the day. The theme of the feast will be "A Springtime Repast." The buffet will last all day, being subdivided 3 times; a light morning side board, mid-day, and a late afternoon presentation.

Interested parties should submit a bid for a dish. The bid should include; the basic recipe for the dish, the cost per 100 persons, historical data and brief documentation, any special handling of the food and equipment needed to prepare your dish, and your serving needs. Your dish will be served to and critiqued by staff and invited guests.

Please feel free to submit more than one idea.

We will choose the dish based on its promise of good taste, if the dish is cost effective, and fits into the theme and the other dishes chosen. If you would prefer a specific time slot for your dish, please specify. Steam tables, conventional and convection ovens are available.

Because of the special nature of this class, you must be chosen well before the schola and it is limited to 6 persons. The deadline is April 15th. Novice cooks are defined as cooks that have not feastocrated nor have they received kingdom level awards for cooking (excludes AOA).

I see this as a way for new interested cooks to try their hand in a guided situation and have a venue to present their talent to the populace.

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