THL Eleanor Fairchild Placed on Vigil for Laurel

Citizens of four kingdoms came together to ask Their Majesties Edward and Rylyn of Ealdormere that THL Eleanor Fairchild be elevated to the Order of the Laurel at the end of the first court at Ealdormere's St. Maximus day event on April 8, 2006.

As Court was ending, Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton rose and asked for Their Majesties' attention. After being given leave to speak, she stated that there was a gentle present well known for research and teaching that she wished to commend to Their Majesties. Master Aaron Swiftrunner from the Middle Kingdom then interrupted, stating that he, too, had someone to commend for her ability to sing like the angels. Dame Madinia o Tuatail chimed in that she had someone to commend for patterning and tailoring. Baroness Adrielle Kerrec then stated that she had someone to commend for skill in costume, and Master Michael Alewright from AEthelmearc and Master Hector of the Black Height stepped forward to commend someone for poetry and Bardic Arts. Mistress Gwynaeth Angharad of Glamorgan from Ansteorra then stepped forward to state that a lady once of her kingdom had surpassing skills as a milliner.

Their Majesties, overwhelmed, called on Master Gaerred Galbraith, the Society Minister of Arts and Sciences, to straighten this out—which he did by begging the boon to elevate the only person who could fit all of these descriptions—his lady, THL Eleanor Fairchild—to the Order of the Laurel. After hearing the enthusiastic response of the Order of the Laurel, Their Majesties sent Eleanor to her vigil, and asked that Their Highnesses Aaron and Rustique elevate her at Pennsic, where all her friends from many kingdoms may be present.

THL Eleanor Fairchild

Also known as Truly of 'Truly Original's' Hats.

It was a lovely day!

Garraed Galbraith,OL
Society MoAS
(aka Tim Jennings)