Three Stags: Autumn Battle and Faire

Horns sound and drums roll, banners dance on the breeze, Chevaliers parade in armor shining and merchants call their wares. Mummers prance, jesters grin, laughter swells like the seas, Archers shoulder their quivers full and music fills the air. Juggler's entrance, food delights, excitement buzzes like the bees, Fencers flash their blades dazzling and little children stare. Come one, come all, Gather for the opening of the greatest event of the fall days;


The Barony of Caerthe invites one and all to the exciting new event that will transport you to a medieval town fair, and challenge you to battles grand till you can fight no more.

September 1st through 4th (Labor Day weekend) 2006;

Site: Casey Jones Park
Elizabeth Colorado
4189 Highway 86
Elizabeth CO 80107

From Friday the 1st 12:00 noon to Monday the 4th to 12:00 noon, everybody off site by 4:00pm. If you want to make arraingements with the park to arrive earlier or stay later please contact Joel Johnson at

Some of the Planned events are:

  • A large list of tourneys and battles
  • Pagentry, Pagentry, Pagentry!!
  • The Caerthen Warlord Tourneys
  • A Quest
  • Fencing till you drop
  • An Herb walk
  • Archery
  • Ballista Bingo
  • A&S classes as part of the fair ambiance
  • Children's Activities

We have plans to build a town square and the Fair will have A&S classes that look as if they are merchant booths in a town. For instance, a shoe making class can look like a cobblers shop, a cheese making class can be a dairy/cheese shop, a sewing class can be a tailors shop, etc… Class ideas will be welcome, if you would like to teach one let me know. We are planning an Artisans Row, this will be where the artist of this Kingdom can set up a workshop for the weekend. Those interested can stop and participate and learn the crafts demonstrated.

Willing Artisans needed for the Artisans Row demo center!

Shine up your helms, make your banners, and get your heraldic garb together! There will be a contest for the best heraldry display, for individuals and households, and a contest for the best display of Kingdom, Baronial, Shire, Canton, or etc….. Colors and devices. Make something to show your pride in your Kingdom! A parade through the town to the beginning of the Pas-de Arms tournament will show all your finery off. Make your campsite a show piece, another contest is how much pageantry does your camp display; show off your household or personal colors.

Have you ever wanted to perform a play or farce? Get your group (or yourself) together and create a show for the fair stage.

If you have an Inn that you have run in the past and would like to set it up here please contact me, I am planning to coordinate and locate all the Inns into one area of the "Town".

Are you a Merchant? Want to be part of this? Contact the autocrats or go to the web page for further info.

Site Fee Schedual:
Jan. 1 thru May 31
Friday-Monday Adult $18.00, Kid $10
family cap: 2 Adults & 2 kids $45.00
2 Adults & 3+ kids $55.00
Saturday-Monday Adult $15.00, Kid $10
family cap: same as above

June 1 thru August 15
Friday-Monday Adult $20.00, Kid $10.00
family cap: 2 Adults & 2 Kids $55.00
2 Adults & 3+ Kids $65.00
Saturday-Monday Adult $18.00, Kid $10
family cap: same as above

Friday-Monday Adult $30.00, Kid $15.00
family cap: 2 Adults & 2 Kids $65.00
2 adults & 3+kids $75.00
Day trip: Adult $10.00, Kid $6.00
Kid fees apply to ages 5 thru 15, children 4 and under are free
Non-member surcharge applies to all site fee scheduals $3.00 per person.

Saturday Night Feast
Adult $10, Kid $6.00
Limited number avaliable at the door

Autocrat; Mirianna Wrenne of Ravenswood

Co-Autocrat; Johannus Matlock

Food Co-ordinator; Gabrielle Cartier

A&S Co-ordinator; Savina

Heavy Co-ordinator; Sterling

Fencing Co-ordinator; Jon Eric

Archery Co-ordinator; Forester lord-

Check out the web sites for 3Stags event this fall! Still in the construction stages but come and look at what is happening so far! Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Elizabeth Colorado)