Feast of St. Hildegard of Bingen

Come join the Canton of Falcon Cree as we venture to Germany between the years 1098 and 1457 to celebrate the accomplishments of two great Germans: St. Hildegard of Bingen and Hans Talhoffer.

The Feast of St. Hildegard will be held at the verdant Camp Wabak, (36 Camp WaBak Rd. Marietta, SC 29661). The site features a lovely, shaded field with plenty of space for period pavilions and merchants. Gentles interested in merchanting should contact Lord Gospodin Pavel Rurik Chyorni Lebedov in advance for details (Ryan Matthews, anoanar@yahoo.com or 864-232-4310 no calls after 9pm please - baby in house).

In tribute to St. Hildegard of Bingen our A&S activities will focus on the bardic arts as well as all things German. Brewers are encouraged to start their worts in preparation for a brewing competition, because what is Germany without beer? As Hildegard of Bingen was also a renowned doctor, there will also be an A&S category for medieval medicine. In the fiber arts, there will be a competition open to all items of German-style garb and soft goods from the 11th through 15th centuries. Last, but not least, a poetry and prose competition will be held in honor of St. Hildegard's writings.

Martial activities during the day will include archery, rapier, and heavy weapons tournaments. The Archery competition will feature a hunt theme, roving-range style shoot. The Rapier tournament will be conducted in the German style: fighting continues to the first 'bleeding' head wound, all wounds save torso blows are acted out. Lastly, in honor of Hans Talhoffer, we will hold a modified weapons proficiency tournament featuring five heavy lists, one for each of the four primary tournament weapons forms and a fifth list featuring matched weapons forms taken from the Talhoffer manual. We also hope to have a demonstration of Western Martial Arts during the day for the education of the populace.

Following this full day of activities, a hearty German feast will be prepared by the Canton of Falcon Cree's own Les Gloutonnerie Souteneur led by Lord Caelan of Falcon Cree. Between the removes of the feast, the finals of the poetry and prose competition will take place, judged by popular acclaim. Later in the evening, following the feast, there will be a bardic circle held in the Rambler lodge. Bards are encouraged to come try out new pieces in this warm and friendly setting.

Contact information:
Autocrat - Talun Mac Dubhagain (James Carey Email: taluntheb@charter.net )

Reservations - The Honorable Lady Gwenhwyfar de Hwytinton (Carol Carson Email: carol_carson@bellsouth.net

More info at: http://www.falconcree.org/feastof/ Location:
Canton of Falcon Cree (Marietta, South Carolina)