Tempore Atlantia Winners Announced

Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg, Deputy for Tempore Atlantia, and MOAS for the Barony of Bright Hills, has announced the winners of the Tempore Atlantia which took place at the Kingdom's recent Coronation.

Lady Martelle writes:

Greetings to all!

A grand and wonderful Tempore Atlantia was held at the Coronation of thier Majesties Michael and Seonaid!

I would like to thank the autocrat, Sir Bryce de Byram for the generous table space he gave us that allowed everyone to display thier projects in the best light.

Many thanks go out to everyone who took the time to offer thier knowledge and encouragement to the artisans by judging. As I added up the scores I noticed every judge had taken the time to add a good comment to every item they judged.

Thank to Baroness Belfebe de Givet, Maestra Jessamyn di Piemonte, and Freiherrin Susanna von Schweissguth for generously sponsoring 3 TA competitions.

I also offer my thanks to Their Majesties for being understanding and allowing me to announce the Tempore Atlantia winners in court. Our artisans are the jewels of our Kingdom and I would have hated to have to skip the best part of my job as Deputy for Tempore Atlantia.

The winners of this Tempore Atlantia, with the highlighted time period of pre-1000 were:

    Leofwynn le Glayser with a score of 95 out of 108 for her display of core formed glass vessels.
  • BEST EMBROIDERY in the highlighted time period-
    Lady Meghan Elphinstone for her Byzantine Gown.
  • BEST WOVEN, HANDSPUN or KNIT ITEM in the highlighted time period-
    Lady Brienna Llewelyn Lindsey for her Galloping Lions tablet weaving in silk.
    Lady Yseulte Trevelyn for her discussion of translations of the Anglo-Saxon Poem "The Seafarer"
  • MOST UNUSUAL ITEM or RESEARCH OF AN UNUSUAL ITEM in the highlighted time period-
    Lord Dunstan le Heryngmongere for his viking era stone carving.

Please congratulate these folks when you see them. Thier love of the projects they do shown through mightily this day.

Yours in service to the Arts and Sciences of Atlantia!

Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg
Deputy for Tempore Atlantia,
MOAS, Barony of Bright Hills
CP, Atlantia
CP, Drachenwald