Eskalyan Cherry Blossom

The Temperatures are rising and the birds are singing.....The sweet smell of the cherry Blossoms are here.... Come out and enjoy the Company of friends at the Eskalyan Cherry Blossom viewing.

Sunday April 9, 2006 at the IBEW building , in Anchorage.... 3333 Denali Street (Catty corner from the Century 21 theater parking)

Site opens : 11am

Fight in a Tourney, make your best guess at what the fighters are saying during their bouts, visit with friends and enjoy the day.... Enjoy a Class about Japanese Braiding or Origami FUN

As is custom there will be the annual JAPANESE WEAPONS TOURNEY for heavy fighters. Great Sword, Bastard sword etc.. (Heavy Tourney to start at 1pm)…….

For our Translators in the group…… ENGLISH SUB TITLES for the tourney fights….. One of the Autocrats favorite contest come join in and let us know what these fighters are mumbling about

Immediately following the heavy tourney (2pm ish)

The Progressive weapons Rapier Tourney .....(depending on who shows up to fight)

Table Decorations contest
Annual Haiku contest.......subject Beauty

Autocrats Whim: Kites..... and of course our Japanese GARB contest.....(first time worn to an event)

As is custom..... a potluck ...... (Autocrat team will provide baked chicken for the potluck) please bring supplements to share

Site Fee:
$4(additional $3 non member surcharge) 13 and older
$2 children (3-13)

Viola Carara & Angustias Mckeown
(mka Joyce Smith) Location:
Eskalyan (Anchorage, Alaska)