Viking Longhouse Project

Robert L. Schuster, Lord Halv of the Kingdom of Calontir, is in the process of finalizing plans to construct a Viking longhouse. Norsa, a not-for-profit, Viking re-enactment group, is sponsoring the project.

Robert L. Schuster writes:

For some time now I have been rattling on about a longhouse project. As of this week a group if us are about as close to starting this as we have ever been.

We have finished the first round of Not For Profit paperwork. We have an Federal ID number. And by the end of the month should have a bank account set up so that we can transfer the $5k we earned in fundraising to a safer place:)

The land deal is beginning to firm up. If the land on my parents farms farm falls thru, I have two back up locations on the 10 acres I own. Id rather use the land my parents own as it has several ideal geographical features that my land doesn't.

We are in the process of contacting the local Amish community to inquire about getting our wood from them.

HG Eringlen has a contact in the community and their prices seem to be very reasonable, $0.15/board foot to cut logs we supply and $0.50/ board foot for [oak] lumber he cuts from his supply.

We will also be trying to get them to be involved in the construction as well but I am a bit behind in organizing that. We hope that many of our SCA friends will become involved as well. I have always found this group to be full of folks with knowledge, know how, or just plan 'how can I help' attitudes. I hope to share many a beer with folks as we admire the end results:)

I have begun to assemble a webpage that will detail the project but its very basic at this time.

With any luck we will begin breaking ground by mid/late summer. We hope to have at least one of the buildings, the work shed up and the site improved in time to use it to host a small LH event in the fall of 07. We plan to open the site to both SCA and LH types as well as to local educational organizations:) More info and the project unfolds


For more information, visit the website.