Outlands Announces Results of "Toys" Challenge

Master Adam Stedefast, Seneschal of the Outlands, has announced the winner of the Known World Toys for Tots Sword. Two Estrella Wars ago, a challenge was issued to the Kingdoms of the Known World to gather toys for the Toys for Tots campaign. The winning Kingdom would hold, for one year, the Toys for Tots Sword. This year's winner, with a total of 10,778 toys collected, is the Outlands.

Other kingdom totals are as follows:

* Ansteorra 55
* Midrealm 380
* Trimaris 426
* Calontir 504
* East 537
* Artemesia 1,504
* Caid 2,100
* West 3,278
* Atenveldt 4,369
* OUTLANDS 10,778

Total - 23,931

Master Adam thanks all who participated and advises that the challenge has been repeated this year. Congratulations to the Kingdom of the Outlands and many thanks to all who participated in this worthy undertaking.

Toy for Tots