Principality of the Mists 2006 Spring Coronet

Rorik, by Right of Arms, Prince, and Peza, by Grace and Beauty, Princess, invite one and all to a Grand Tournament on the slopes of Mt. Hamilton to determine Their Heirs and Successors. Sharpen your blades and polish your armor, break out your banners, and brush up your skills.

Youth Activities
Their Highnesses, in coordination with the Page School, will be holding a Scavenger Hunt. And They invite all children to join Them in watching the Finals of the Tournament.

Princess's Tea
Her Highness invites all of Her populace to join Her on Saturday for a "Princess's Tea", with light refreshments to be provided.

Potluck Dinner
The populace is invited to join Their Highnesses for a Potluck Dinner on the Eric Saturday evening. Please bring tables and chairs.

Please provide a dish by SCA first name:

  • A-E: a dessert
  • F-M: a main dish
  • M-Z: a side dish

Ysabella Dolfin Location:
Principality of the Mists (Grant Ranch on Mt. Hamilton, California)