Newsfeeds Available for Your Web Site

We are pleased to announce that now supports a machine-readable news feed that can be used, without charge, on other web sites. Web sites that carry news headlines, as does, often have a capability to "syndicate" their headlines for use on other web sites. Typically, the partner web site chooses to carry the most recent headlines on its home page as a small inset area, rather than as the main content. now has the capability to offer our news headlines as a syndicated feed to other web sites. This service is offered as a public service, at no cost to you. All we ask is that you:

  1. Maintain intact the links that we provide for our articles, so that visitors who click on our headlines come to our story pages,
  2. Offer, at the top of the headlines list on your site, a link to's home page, and
  3. Be sensible about how often your web site retrieves the news headlines. We recommend retrieval no more than twice per hour, and preferably NOT on the hour or on the half hour. (Pick a random minute of each hour, so that not all partner sites retrieve the news at the same time each hour.)

If you run our headlines on your site, please let our webmaster know. We would be pleased to provide a reciprocal link to your site in return.