Second Sylvan Crusade in AEthelmearc

The Shire of Sunderoak will host the Second Sylvan Crusade May 30 - June 1, 2003 at Camp Bucoco near Slippery Rock, PA. Baron Connor writes:

Let all of noble birth and nature, within our fair and glorious AEthelmearc, and all other kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the Society, know that from the 30th of May through the 1st of June AS XXXVIII (2003) in the lands cared for by the notable Shire of Sunderoak, that the Kingdom of AEthelmearc does personally invite one and all to attend its sponsored event named, the Second Sylvan Crusade.

The event will take place at Camp Bucoco, about 8 miles from Coopers Lake, in Slippery Rock, Pa and promises to be one of the most UNIQUE events you will ever attend.

A Friday night Torch lit Unbelted Bearpit will start the events Heavy Weapons activities. Friday night you can fight till you cant fight no more!! Come the light of day, we have been honored with the very first "Rose Royal Invitational Tournament", a special tournament that Highness Maurya will be holding through out her reign.

We are delighted to host a Children's Crest Tourney, fighters will be approached and asked to wear the crest that a child has made and fight for that child against another fighter. A Crest making class will be conducted at Coronation!

Questions regarding the Crest Tourney may be directed to Antoinette (

From there we invite all noble warriors and combat archers to brace the perils of the Sylvan Forest where various forms of WOODS BATTLES will be held. To round out the event, Saturday night, after court there will be yet ANOTHER Torch Lit Bearpit, open to all fighters!!! This is truly an event that any fighter would love.

Feel free to ask those that were lucky enough to attend last year!

Youth Fighting will also be featured during the event, under the auspices of the AEthelmearc Youth Marital Academy. For more information feel free to contact Baron Daniel Lightfoot at 570-343-9085.

Archers, take note that you are invited to shoot another VERY SPECIAL course designed by Master Spence Colby. Again.. this is truly not to be missed.

The "St. Swithens" fencers have assured us that this years fencing activity will be even more fun and challenging than last years. New as well as experienced fencers will be able to participate.

There will also be Hound Coursing, Thrown Weapons, Shopping, Youth classes and much more.

Master Brendan has a very special Arts and Sciences competition planned with two seperate categories both of which require Relics as is as broad in design as your mind can possibly imagine. The Reliquary competition is as the name indicates, bring a relic, could be something you made or something you the gilded box which contains a bone from Joan of Arc. The other relic competition is called Confabulations and involves the story (to be told to judges) of a particuliar relic. Such stories do not necessarily need to be true but must be medievalish, believable and anything is possible! Such as the bit of duct tape that fell of of Sir Henri's shield last Pennsic. This is truly the ~yarn spinner's~ delight. Questions and concerns may be addressed by Master Brendan at

An auction of marvelous goods and services will be held just prior to feast.

Pets are permitted at this site. All pets must be kept on a lead or under control at all times. There are NO PETS PERMITTED IN ANY OF THE BUILDINGS AT THE SITE. (Pets certified and working as handicapped assist are permitted anywhere on site) Pets must also be picked up after immediately (an area will be set aside for proper disposal)

Most areas of the camp are handicapped assessable. Contact Baron Connor for more information if needed.

There will be time set aside for an AEthelmearc Royal Court on Saturday evening, at the pleasure of our Most Royal Majesties.

The event is a Camping event with various private campsites about the property, all within walking distance to the Stark Raven Tavern. The mainly FLAT land at the campsites includes their own modern outhouse, water faucet, flagpole and message board. There are hot showers and flush toilets near the Stark Raven.


FEAST. We are indeed honored that the event feast will be prepared this year by none other than Master Huen Damebrigge and his team of apprentices. This will be a feast like no other!!

Fees. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted on site without a proper minor waiver and permission slip signed by their parent or legal guardian. The SITE requires that waivers be signed by ALL participating.

Pre-registrations: The names of those pre-registered will be entered into a drawing to be held during the AEthelmearc Royal Court. The winner will receive a certificate for two (2) pre-paid reservations to the Kingdom of AEthelmearc Sylvan Crusade event held in 2004.

All pre-registrations must include individual mundane names, address and telephone numbers. If an e-mail address or a self-addressed stamped postcard is included, a reply will be sent to verify the pre-registration.

Pre-registration, received no later than May 26th, costs $10 per person 18 years and older, $5 for children under 18, and children 5 and under are FREE.

Troll costs are $12.00 per person 18 years and older, $6.00 for children under 18, and children 5 and under are Free. REMEMBER this does NOT include additional $3.00 fee for non members as designated by the SCA.

Pre-registrations should be sent to Dame Catelin Parry 114 Summit Road, Butler Pa 16001.

Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. Kingdom of AEthelmearc." For additional pre-registration information, contact Dame Catelin via e-mail at or call (724)287-2612 between 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

Refund requests must be made in writing no later than June 12th 2003 and sent to Lady Cynthia Tower (Cynthia J, Chapple, 1945 Florida Ave. Johnstown, Pa 15902-3307. After that date unclaimed reservations will be considered a donation to the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. There will be NO refunds made during the event.

The "Stark Raven Tavern" run by the THL Ragnar Kettilson , THL Lady Rowan, (412) 487-7087 with Sir Murdoch Bain and THL Rioghnach ferch Rose will offer various meals a la carte using special "Tavern Tickets" Each adult attending the event will be given 4 free Tavern (food) tickets (children under 18 will get 2 free tickets) to spend as they wish.

The tavern will have food available for Friday lunch and supper, Saturday breakfast and lunch and Sunday morning breakfast. The tickets will be worth $0.50 and additional tickets can be purchased at Troll.

A feast for 128, plus High Table will be served Saturday night in the tavern.

The cost for adults (18 and up) and youth (15-18) is $7. They are set for 8 per table only.

There will be a FREE Childrens Feast, as last year, for all children 14 and under.


A Merchants area will be set up at the event. There is no fee for merchant space, however, a donated item for the auction is required as well as a paid registration for attending. Merchants are asked to please contact Baroness Angelik Chastellain de Beauvais (Tracey Carroll) at

Feel free to visit our website at :

If you have questions or wish to help with this event, please contact one of the Autocrats.
THL Antoinette de la Croix (Martie Abbondanza) 709 Alden St. Meadville, Pa. 16335 (814) 720-8201 Or
Baron Master Connor MacLiam (Rich Wilson) 114 Summit Road, Butler, Pa 16001 (724) 287-2612 before 10pm