Whack! Thud! Ow!

Spring is in the air and it is that time of year again. The flora start to blossom, the fauna start to look for mates, and Lady Summer begins to plan her return.  As the weather becomes warmer, the valiant fighters of Drachenwald leave their winter hibernation and take to the field.  The air is full of the cheering of the spectators, the calls of the heralds, and the unmistakable sounds of the heavy fighters - "whack" as rattan strikes rattan, "thud" as a blow lands, and "ow" just before the blow is called good.

Whack! Thud! Ow!
April 15, 2006
Schmidmuehlen, Germany CHANGE OF SITE

The Stronghold of Nebelwald invites you to join us for a day dedicated to the art of heavy fighting.  It is a heavy's dream - an all fighting event! The morning will be dedicated to an assortment of classes for all levels and styles of fighting as well as discussion groups, armor repair, and armor inspection.  Lunch will be served at midday so we can mentally and physically prepare for an entire afternoon of heavy fighting.  There will be a chance for authorizations prior to the afternoon fighting.  Several interesting scenarios have been planned so there should be something for everyone.  The day will end in truly fighter style as feast will be beer and brats vom grill (the brats not the beer).  Other food can be ordered from the Gasthof for a reasonable cost.  So=85come on, you nellies, and get some stick!

[Please note that fencers, non-fighters, and children are welcome.  You may find the fighting-themed activities to be of interest and may even find them to be fun.  Anyone wishing to conduct other activities is welcome to bring your gear projects and play work in the parking lot Main Hall.]

Site Information:  Gasthof Hotzenplatz, Schmidlmuehlen, Germany This is the same site as Summer's Last Stand.  Site opens at 0900 on Saturday, April 15, and closes at 2200 on Saturday, April 15.  The pub will remain open until the wee hours for those wishing to continue visiting. Arrangements have been made to use the main hall as heated indoor space, but no arrangements have been made for breakfast or showers.  ANYONE REMAINING ON SITE SUNDAY will be awakened at 0900 for cleaning and booted out the door by 1000 to allow the Noon reservation access to the site.  For those who find it best to come in on Friday evening, EXTREMELY LIMITED crash space at private homes can be made available with advance notice by APRIL 5th!  The nearest train station is Amberg Hauptbahnhof. Transportation to site is available with advance notice of arrival time by April 12.

Fees: (All prices include Saturday lunch)
Daytrip with feast                9 Euros
Daytrip without feast           7 Euros
SCA members may deduct 2 Euros with valid proof of membership
Heavy fighters may deduct an additional 2 Euros with valid authorization card
Children ages 4-12 are =BD price; babes age 3 & under are free
No family pays more than 40 Euros

Make your best route to A6 in the direction Amberg and the Czech border. When you reach Amberg, take the Amberg S exit and turn right.  Continue to SchmidmFChlen.  As soon as you enter the city limits of SchmidmFChlen, make the first right.  Go straight through town.  After you pass the city limits sign, take the first right turn.  As you come to the Y intersection, be sure you take the right fork.  As you drive up the hill you will see a new housing development and the American housing just after that.  Drive past these to the T-intersection and turn right.  Approximately 100 meters further on the left you will see the Berggasthof Hotzenplatz.

Contact Information:
Event Steward - Lord Freiman the minstrel (Dave Willhoite) lordfreiman@yahoo.com