Photos from Knights Hospitaller Dragon Feast

Master Gwynfor Lwyd has announced that he has updated his website with images from Knights Hospitaller Dragon Feast which took place March 11, 2006 in the Kingdom of Lochac.

The many fine images, taken by Master Gwynfor and Lady Ava, include some lovely portraits and many falconry shots.

Knights Hospitaller Event

Please note that this is not an SCA event. The Knights Hospitaller are a live steel group that specifically recreates the 14th century style of tournament combat. Also present at the event, other then SCA folk from several groups, were members of the Leongatha Medieval Society, Nordmania, Frojel Gotlandica and the New Varangian Guard. All of these groups are living history societies in the state of Victoria, Australia. Also note that falconry is illegal in Victoria unless you have a special permit, which is extremely difficult to obtain. The Knights Hospitaller worked very hard to get the falconry crew to the event, and we were treated to a kite, an Australian brown hawk, two peregrine falcons (a tiercel and a female) and a wedge tailed eagle, as well as some owls.