SCAdian Scholars to Appear at Royal Ontario Museum

Finnvarr de Taahe and Sylard of Eagleshaven, scholars from the Kingdom of Ealdormere, will be presenting in persona as part of the 1st Annual Friends of the Mediaeval Studies Society Symposium at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto on March 25, 2006.

According to The Friends of the Mediaeval Studies Society of the ROM, the organization sponsoring the event:

"This one day series of talks will represent the exciting beginning of what will be a long tradition in Toronto. Ten academics of international reputation will speak on various aspects of the Mediaeval world, including archaeology, history, culture, and art. Chronologically, the scope of the society, and of the symposium, runs from the late classical world leading up to Mediaeval times, and encompasses the Renaissance at the end. Geographically it crosses the old world from Europe to Asia and Africa, having a general interest in the Age of the Stirrup wherever it occurs."

Master Finnvarr (Steve Muhlberger, Professor of History at Nipissing University), will be speaking on Chivalric Deeds of Arms as Politics, research based on a medieval text which chronicles "Froissart's account of a chivalric deed of arms with political implications."

Master Sylard (Darrell Markewitz, a master blacksmith and iron smelter) will speak on Adventures in Early Iron Production.

Information on fees and schedules may be found on the website.