Marcus O'Toole Victorious in Drachenwald Crown Tourney

The winner of Saturday's Drachenwald Crown Tournament was Marcus O'Toole fighting for Baroness Anna. Wolfgang, Antonio and Mariella reported on the Drachenwald list that Baron Marcus was victorious in a field that featured thirteen couples in a round robin tournament. In the final round, Jarl Peregrin, fighting for Lady Signe Sigurdsdottir, was beaten by Baron Marcus. It has been reported that all fighters showed a very high standard of chivalry and skill.

The combatants were as follows:

* Baron Marcus and Baroness Anna
* Jarl Peregrine and Lady Signe Sigurdsdottir
* Sir Michael de Brad and Duchessa Alessandra Melusine
* Master Johann and Mistress Jaelle
* Lord Valius Silvercrown and Countess Signy
* Lord Vitus and Eleanora von Ratzeburg
* Lord Wolfram and Cap'n Molly
* Lord Liefr and Lady Lucia
* Lady Lucia and Lord Liefr
* Lord Torkil Morr and Estrid Figh
* Lord Tomas of ?Kelsail and Lady ?Johanna
* Lord Richard the Rampant and Lady Gytha
* Lord Saranac Goetz and Lady Imogene the Quiet

At the court of Their Majesties Matthew and Anna, Etienne Fevre was elevated to the Order of the Pelican and Baroness Catherine of Chester was placed on vigil for elevation to the Order of the Pelican at the Tenth Year celebration. Signore Antonio di Rienzo was also elevated to the Guild rank of Master Chirurgeon by the Masters of the Chirurgeon's Guild of Drachenwald.