Clothed in Honour at Cloth of Gold

Ealdormere hosted its second marathon sewing event, now called Cloth of Gold, on March 17-18 in the Incipient Canton of Greenhithe, sponsored by the Canton of Eoforwic.

The following summary of the event was provided by THL Asa Gormsdottir, the event steward:

Now that I've had some sleep, I would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make Cloth of Gold such a successful event! We had six teams from all over the Kingdom who worked overnight for 18 hours straight to produce wonderful garments and accessories. It was an amazing experience and truly demonstrated the incredible talents of our artisans.

The Teams (in order of registration)

We had six teams: Cheapside Horde, Ravenglass, Ramshaven, House Fettered Fleur, Eoforwic (novice), and Martin Bildner and his lady Emma Dansmeyla. This year we made a change, encouraging Laurels of all stripes to enter and compete. All the teams did an amazing job. Here are some details on each team's entry:

Cheapside Horde
Bantiarna Medb ingen Dungaile, Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Lord Michael the Longsuffering, Lady Gwerydd verch Llewelyn, Bantiarna Caitilín inghean Tomáis uí Dhuibhir and Lady Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr. 16th Century Women's Loose Gown in a dark olive green wool lined in buff linen with black soutache embellishments, a kirtle in a stunning copper dupioni silk with separate beaded sleeves, corset in dark red silk (beautifully done), chemise, velvet flat cap and bloomers.
Lady Gwendyon Casgudcath, Lady Wencenedl of Rokesburg, Matsume, Caterina, Sadhbh inghean an tSagairt and THL Vladislav cel Inalt. 15th Century Romanian Courtly Attire for a Boyar or Cneaz. Working from Rumanian documentation of a funeral find not yet available in English, the team made a beautiful court gown in an impressive red and gold brocade, tunica and hose in an ivory silk cotton blend that had a wonderful sheen, shoes, braes and a velvet hat. The hose featured stunning embroidered panels and the tunica neckline was embroidered in silk with pearls.
Baroness Alyce de Sheppey, Lady Odette du Saint Remy, Lady Rylla Von Grein, Lady AElfgyva of Mareamethystenum, Lord Cainnear and Lady Devin. 13th Century Bliaut in a delicious blue silk, with hand-embroidered neckline in a geometric pattern, matching embroidered belt, chemise, bloomers, hose, shoes, braid cases, handwoven wool garters and cloak, including 46 eyelets sewn on site! A new and beautiful approach to the bliaut.
House Fettered Fleur
THL Cristabell Wensleydale, THL Wilhelm von Pottruff, Dame Eleanor Cadfan, Jullienne of Caldrithig, Gabrielle de St. Michel, THL May de la Wold, THL Goodwife Jhone of Woodcote, THL Wilfred of Swiffingham and their model, Sir Menken Brechen. Apparel and accessories for an Early 15th Century Western European Knight/Baron. This team had it all - excellent poplar pattens, hose, garters painted with the Virtues, shirt, braes, coif, chaperon with liripipe in melton wool, red wool doublet based on Van der Weyden, houppelande in a lovely fleur-de-lis fabric, and a coronet built on site using sheet metal, rivets and gemstones. Accessories included fleur-de-lis buttons and the lacing itself was a chequey pattern!... Just prior to the Fashion Show, Sir Menken was garbed by his team to ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man".
Eoforwic (novice)
Lady Amalthea Della Valle, Lord Daemeon fitzwilliam, Lady Faye Randle and Lady Magnunnr Hringsdottir Fotatredir. 1562 gown in blue velvet and Pair of Bodies in cotton canvas and linen based on Eleanor of Toledo's graveclothes, petticoat, shoes, chemise, snood, hand-embellished trim, hand-twisted hairpins and lacing cord. This team (two of whose members were practically brand new to the SCA) put in a heroic effort, making not one but two corsets overnight.
THL Martin Bildner and Lady Emma Dansmeyla
Norse woman's outfit. A well-fitted tunic with sleeves based on the Thorsberg, Greenland finds, great shoes that took 11 hours to build, a belt and an amazing hat in hand dyed cotton gauze that closely resembled the very fine silk of the extant hats in the 10th Century York finds.

The Results

Following the Fashion Show, the judges convened to discuss the entries. We were very impressed by the scope, efforts and quality of House Fettered Fleur - they clearly were a class apart, so we elevated them to "Uber Category"! Next, for Advanced, after much consideration we chose the Cheapside Horde. In Novice, the Eoforwic team stood alone but proud with an amazing effort (just four people, two of whom were new to the SCA — yet they gamely made two corsets in one night plus the rest of the ensemble!). Everyone put in a stellar effort.

The Judges

My sincere gratitude to our wonderful judges who kindly gave their time to examine the costumes and digest the voluminous documentation on Saturday afternoon:

  • Her Royal Highness the Princess of Ealdormere, Countess Rustique
  • THL Aurelia Gabraina
  • THL Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees
  • Lady Rose of Greenwood

The Staff

This event was hosted by the Incipient Canton of Greenithe and sponsored by the Canton of Eoforwic. I have many people to thank from both groups for helping me pull this off at a true profit. I hope no one will be offended if I jump first to our Feastocrat, Lord Ludwig von Eisengrim, and his tireless staff.

Lord Ludwig, Misty and the team kept us amply supplied throughout the long night and day with such delicacies as freshly made egg salad sandwiches, sushi (!), fresh muffins at 5 am, a lavish breakfast including pancakes with choice of strawberries, apple sauce or chocolate chips, sausages and scrambled eggs, a delicious luncheon of chicken souvlaki in a pita with homemade tzatziki and hummous, Greek salad, and a gigantic rice pudding, as well as many snacks and drinks that were personally delivered to each table throughout the competition. Ludwig, Misty and the staff were unfailingly pleasant even under stress, left a sparkling clean kitchen at the end of the day, and delivered all this under budget. I can't say enough wonderful things about them.

I also would like to thank:

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, my deputy:

  • For encouraging Eoforwic to sponsor the event
  • For picking up the key and opening the site on Friday when I was stuck behind the motorcycle accident at the 400 and 401
  • For advice, support, ideas and flexibility throughout the planning and execution phases, and Saturday night crash space!

Bantiarna Medb ingen Dungaile, reservations steward:

  • For managing the team registrations, answering dozens of questions and keeping me completely up to date
  • For running the successful Cloth of Gold Raffle at Winter War

Laird Samuel Tosh McTier and his household, Circulum Amicitiarum:

  • For providing much-needed muscle and know-how at set-up and take-down
  • For tools, equipment, and moral support

Lady Sophia of Greenhithe and her helpers:

  • For staffing Troll and guarding the receipts on Friday and Saturday

Bantiarna Caitilín inghean Tomáis uí Dhuibhir, web minister:

  • For web support and cool graphics
  • For finding the perfect site token for this event (Thread Counter)

Patreka Aurelia Gabraina:

  • For supplying the beautiful pottery oil lamps she made as prizes
  • For arranging amazing Italian maiolica plates for the Uber Team (Fettered Fleur)

I also would like to thank THL Maverneen Mackellar, Lady Gwendyon Casgudcath and Lady Odette du St-Remy for their advice, support and experiences from the first Ealdormerean Golden Seamstress, Lady Eithne/Lord Thorolfr and several others who provided auction items, Their Excellencies Hoskuld and Eyrny for the loan of their carport as a sleeping enclosure inside the hall, Lord Gunnar Halfdan of Lund for the 4am drive-by chocolate attack and helping with take-down, Lord Normand and Lord Michael the Long Suffering for helping with take-down (Normand you crazy man, remember your heart!), Royalty Liaison Lady Gwerydd verch Llewelyn, and THLs Cristabel and Wilhem for suggesting the name change from Golden Seamstress to Cloth of Gold.

As well, our event was supported throughout by the presence of Princess Rustique who worked with us all night, and Their Excellencies Septentria who brought wonderful largesse and encouragement.

Last but not least, my husband, THL Albrecht Stampfer, for acting as my secretary and sending out countless emails on my behalf to prospective entrants and judges, and helping me pack a mountain of stuff for the car.

I apologize if I have inadvertently left anyone out. Everyone was wonderful and your help was very much appreciated.

Congratulations to our Artisans. I am so glad we could bring this event back to Ealdormere.

THL Asa Gormsdottir
Event Steward
Ealdormere's Cloth of Gold Costuming Competition
March 17-18, 2006

Do You have Pictures of the Event?

I would adore to see the pictures of the event in progress? Then the lovely garb created? Cilean