Sword and Board: a Tavern Event

The Shire of Vilku Urvas is hosting "SWORD AND BOARD - A TAVERN EVENT" on June 23-25, 2006 in Deer River, MN.

The website for this event will be up and running shortly. The web address will be posted as soon as it is available. You can find in-depth details of the event there - but here is a brief synopsis of what is currently planned:

VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers are needed for all areas. Please contact the autocrats if you would like to help us.

PERIOD GAMES - Coordinated by the Village of Wynandremer, several board games will be available at the Tavern on Saturday. Opportunities to learn the games will be available on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday. There will also be gaming competitions for those who are interested.

FIGHTING - Most of the scenarios for heavy weapons, rapier and archery will be themed around the Tavern-type atmosphere of the event. Heavy Weapons will be marshaled by His Grace Duke Tarrach Alfson. Marshals are still needed for the rapier, archery and boffer activities. We have plenty of room for siege weapons, too!

BARDIC ACTIVITIES/CONTESTS - Coordinated by the Freehold of Raven's Moor, various bardic activities are planned including Best Period Drinking/Tavern Song, Best Original Drinking/Tavern Song, and Best 'No S#it There I Was Story'. Children will be encouraged to share their own stories at the beginning of the evening.

TAVERN SIGN CONTEST - We're challenging the populous to create a sign for our tavern. Two categories will be judged, so that younger participants can be judged separately from adults.

LUNCH/FEAST - Instead of the regular evening feast, we will be having a lunch feast - but not the usual style. The midday meal will be in a tavern style. See the website for how we plan to run this unique seating arrangement.

Site Fees: Adult (19 and older) - $8.00; Young Adult (13-18) - $5.00 ; 12 and under - Free

Tavern-Style Lunch Feast: Adult (11 and older) - $6.00; Young Adult (6-10) - $3.00; 5 and under - Free

Merchants are welcomed - there is no merchant fee. Contact Olaf Skytja at Olaf_Skytja@peoplepc.com for more information.

Questions contact the Autocrats: Lady Aveline femme Marcus (Krista Harjamaki), klharjamaki@hotmail.com or Lady Tatiana of Varena (Denise Plonis), ploni001@umn.edu