Northshield Populace Votes to Petition for Kingdom Status

The Principality of Northshield, located in the north-central U.S. and nearby region of Canada, has been polled. The results overwhelmingly favor petitioning to become a Kingdom. With the blessing of the Middle Kingdom, of which it is now part, the Principality of Northshield has been studying the possibility of separating into its own Kingdom, which would be the eighteenth in the SCA. Part of this process requires a formal, written polling of the registered SCA members living in the area to determine the wishes of the populace. This information then becomes a recommendation which is put before the Crown of the Middle Kingdom, the Curia Regis (Great Officers of State), and the SCA Board of Directors.

The results of the populace poll, made public by Their Stellar Highnesses, Robert and Isabella, overwhelmingly favor Northshield's plan to become a Kingdom. Of a total of 771 adults who cast ballots on the question of kingdom status, 644 (83.5%) voted in favor, 91 (11.8%) opposed, and 36 (4.7%) abstained. Minors (under 18 years of age) were allowed to vote, and their votes are tallied separately from those of the adults.

Results for the questions of whether Northshield should keep its current name and heraldic device produced similarly favorable results.

According to a recent letter posted to the Middlebridge mailing list by Their Royal Majesties, Tarrach and Fina, it is possible that Northshield could hold a Crown Tournament in late 2003 and its first Coronation in 2004, if all goes well and if the Board of Directors approves the petition. The process of becoming a Kingdom is a long one, and there is no fixed timeline for its completion, however.

The possibility of Northshield becoming its own Kingdom has tantalized many citizens of the Midrealm for several years, because of the enormous size of this Kingdom. The Middle Kingdom currently includes, among others, all or part of the states and provinces of Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Manitoba, and Michigan. For many people, it is impractical to travel to events across the Kingdom because it takes two days just to drive there. The size of the Midrealm also places a considerable financial burden on Royalty and on Kingdom officers, who are only partially reimbursed for travel expenses.