Artes Draconis Seeking Articles on Beading

Mistress Siobhan, editor of the Artes Draconis, the A&S publication of the Middle Kingdom, has announced that she is seeking articles on beads and beading for a future issue. In a post from the September 18, 2002 Middlebridge, Mistress Siobhan said:

I'm planning the Fall issue of Artes Draconis, and I'd like to focus on beads and beading in the SCA. This issue is due out in November, deadline is about two weeks from now (so we'll say September 30).

I'm looking for articles on:

-Making lampwork beads

-Use of beads in clothing and trim embellishment (this can be pearls (real or otherwise), semi-precious gems or crystals or glass, would be nice to cover trim embellishment as well as created items of beads)

-Documenting various applications of beads

-Other beady thangs...bibliographies, sources, etc.

Got questions? Contact me! :-) I'm also looking for suggestions on themes for future issues. What would you be interested in learning about? Tell me! If you know someone who addresses an interesting topic in their research, tip me off to them (snicker). This is YOUR publication, I'm here to provide interesting and informative material on what YOUR interests are.

Thank you, and feel free to cross-post.

Mistress Siobhan Editor, Artes Draconis