Useful Peeps

Mistress Therasia von Tux has a novel use for peeps: sealing wax. Enjoy a detailed description of the procedure - with photos of how to turn cute little Easter peeps into something useful.

Mistress Therasia writes:

"Having poured many wax seals onto many SCA awards, and having made my own candy, it occurred to me that one might possibly be able to melt peeps and use them like sealing wax. Thus began the great peep meltdown. Much smoke! Many gooey pots! Hundreds of melted peeps! But there was success and I managed to seal a dependent seal ribbon. I used a fork first to test the ability of the gooey brown mass to retain an impressed shape and then a coin to test detail. These were my early efforts and I did not think to record these first steps. After all, I had no idea that peeps would even work as sealing wax. What is a peep, after all, but a little sugar and a bunch of gelatin? It was possible, so I thought when I started, that it might not work - that the sugar content might be too low. I'm so glad that that wasn't the case."