Road to the Isle: a Trip to the Middle East

It is my great pleasure to invite you to "Road to the Isle, a Trip to the MiddleEast". We will leave from South Range, MI, here in Mistig Waetru at 9am on April 22, travel all day and return that same evening.

There will be Rapier and Heavy Weapons events, an Artisan's Row, a Children's Quest, and some Merchants (Merchant space is still available).

A Middle eastern Tavern Lunch is offered for $3.50, with profits to the Royalty Travel Fund and an Indian Feast will be served early in order to leave plenty of time for dancing.

A preregistration discount is hereby offered: Adult site fee, $8 ($10 at the door) NMS $3, Children 5 to 12, $6 ($7.50 at the door), Adult Feast $8 ($10 at the door) Children 5 to 12 $4.50 ($5 at the door). The only reservation is a paid reservation.

Margyt Weaver

We look forward to your company on this journey.

Most Humbly,
Margyt Weaver Location:
Shire of Mistig Waetru (South Range, Michigan)