Viking Re-enactment Event at Forest Glen

Presenting, a Viking Re-enactment Event at Forest Glen. You are invited to come join us as we recreate what life was like 1000 years ago.Come join us April 22-23rd, 2006 for a weekend of Dark Ages living history!

Forest Glen Preserve
20301 E 900 North Rd
Westville, IL
(15 miles outside of Danville, IL)

Some of our activities will include:

  • A Knattleikr Game (viking stick and ball game)
  • A Living History Exhibit,
  • Archery Demonstrations,
  • Craft Demonstrations,
  • A Viking Age Fashion Show
  • Re-enactment Scenarios

At this time, no combat activities are being offered.

--Interested participants may contact our Event Organizer at:  Please R.S.V.P. by April 20 if you are coming, so we know how much space to make available for you.

Kit Requirements:
If you wish to participate, you must have authentic kit.  Kit must represent a presence in the British Isles from 950 to 1066.  The most common ethnicities seen are Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Viking (Norse).  Please peruse the Regia Anglorum Basic Clothing Guide for further details. Participants must be passed by the authenticity officer before going on the field.  Non-Regia members may participate, but must adhere to the basic kit requirements.  If you have questions about kit, please contact our Authenticity Officer at:

-- Admission is free, however, donations are gladly accepted.

--Participant meal arrangements: We are planning to do meals potluck style, so break out your favorite dark age recipes and bring 'em along!

-- Sleeping Arrangements:
There is one cabin available and a barn, and also tent camping space outside.  Participants must bring authentic tents and camp gear to camp within the ropeline .  If you have authentic gear and wish to set up in the LHE area, please visit our Yahoo groups page to add items to the event inventory list so that we know what you are bringing.  Modern camping space will also be provided.  Participants may camp Friday night.

-- Tentative Event Schedule:

10 am: Event opens to the Public
11am: Fashion Show
11:30 to 1: 30 Lunch cooking demo
2pm: Games/Archery
4pm: Scenario
5pm: Event Closes to the Public

10am: Event opens to the Public
11am: Fashion Show
11:30 to 1:30 lunch cooking demo
2pm: Scenario
3pm: Event closes to the Public

--For participants, we will be holding a Knattleikr practice, and scenario practices on friday evening or on saturday morning before we open to the public.  Please consider attending.

--We need volunteers!
Please sign up on the volunteer database if you are interested in participating in a particular activity. (Located on the newsgroup homepage.)