Ages of War

The Shire of Silfren Mere (in the Kindom of Northshield) and the Shire of Heraldshill are sponsoring a weekend of War. And no better weekend than Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29)! I'm sure many of you will be wanting to get some "practice" camping in before Lilies, or just jonesing for more after Gulf what a more perfect opportunity than to join our Northern brethern in a weekend of inter-Kingdom fun.

To that extent, our friends in Northshield has asked that Calontir's Royal University aid them in arranging a weekend of classes. [[Not too many, as there's lots to do...but plenty to keep everyone fully occupied.]] I ask that anyone interested in aiding in this mission please contact me directly offlist with your offer...or better yet, fill out the RUSH Instructor form off of the RUSH website:

The Shire of Silfren Mere has mentioned that they would like to have classes that are either: a) geared to the theme of the Ages of War (ie: Medieval military history, Medieval military techniques, etc) or b) that can be taught outdoors or within one's own encampment. But please do not that these are not the ONLY classes that they are willing to accept. The more we can offer them, the more opportunities there is for everyone to have more fun.

So please, join me and the Shire of Heraldshill as we visit our Northern cousins for a weekend...of the Ages of War! [[For further details, please see the Silfren Mere website: ]]

Site Information:
Preston Fairgrounds
413 E Fillmore St. (County Road 12)
Preston, MN 55965

Until the next time,
Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi, CT
Shire of Deodar, Kingdom of Calontir
Regent, Royal University of Scir-Hafoc