Calling All Bards, Minstrels, StoryTellers, and Other Medieval Performers

Casting Call for performers, cast members, and volunteers to help with a TV series highlighting and promoting the Bardic tradition within the SCA. M'lords & M'ladies

I am pleased to announce that the house of AmberWyvern (me- it's a small house) is producing a series of 60-minute television programs that will be airing on Comcast and Cox Public access channels (72, 73, & 74 I think) here in Tucson. I am in the preliminary planning stages. Production will actually start in late April or early May.

I need performers, cast members, and anyone who wants to have a hand in this project! With the exception of the last episode, all pieces will be shot in the AccessTucson studios in downtown Tucson. The final episode "By the Firepit" will be shot at night at a yet to be determined outdoor location(Suggestions?)

To anyone that is travelling from outside of Tir Ysgithr, I open my house to you as a place to stay while we shoot. The shoots will occur on weekends and evenings. I will notify you as the times get closer. There will also be food.

What is this series about? The series will highlight and promote the bardic tradition within the SCA! The program concepts are as follows:

* A Knight to Remember- an evening of Traditional Medieval Music (Studio) (all ages)
* No Title: Traditional Music of an Adult Nature (Studio) (18 and Older)
* No Title: Traditional Childrens Music (Studio) (children of all ages)
* Tell It Like It Is: Traditional Tales and Stories (Studio) (All ages)
* Our Holiday Traditions: an Evening of Traditional Yuletide Music (Studio) (all ages)
* By the Firepit- A Bardic Experience (Field) (All Ages)

Why am I doing this? Insanity comes to mind :-) Actually the promotion, celebration and passing on of our bardic heritage is a passion of mine. Plus I feel that this aspect of the wonderful SCA world is not promoted enough and there are many many talented individuals within the SCA that are overlooked.

If you are interested in performing, participating or volunteering, or have program suggestions, please contact me at or at

Humbly in the Service of Song,
Geoffrey Malachite of AmberWyvern, TirYsgithr

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is not an SCA sponsored event. Rather it is my endeavor to promote the SCA Bardic tradition and maybe recruit some artists into our barony or the SCA. THIS SERIES IS NOT FOR PROFIT AS IT IS RUNNING ON PUBLIC ACCESS TV.

Because of increasingly restrictive copyright laws, all pieces require documentation as to origin (Public Domain, Original Composition, Written Permission for copywritten material). I can help you with this.