Principality of Caid Tournament

Today's SCA meets Yesterday's SCA! The Barony of Altavia welcomes all to hearken back to when Caid was a Principality: when a tree was a pavilion, when carpet armor was legal and helmets were Freon cans; when T-tunics and jeans were major costumes and hippy clothes were the height of SCA fashion; when Caidan thrones were cloth-covered fold-up aluminum chairs!

Veteran's Park
13000 Sayre St
Sylmar CA


Old Timers and Other Ancients: Anyone active in Caid's infancy is invited to bring memorabilia and tell the youngsters about The Good Old Days, who "Vivian of happy memory" was; how to play "Duke, Duke, Duchess"; what the "Tourney of Union" was, and many other possibly True Tales.

Newbies and Not-So-Old Timers: Anyone who wasn't active when dinosaurs trod the earth are invited to see and hear Caid's past come alive again, to participate in fighting, games, the bake sale, fabric swap and more. We promise a day filled with tradition, stories and fun!

Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin: and Master Timotheus Zacharia von Zwilling Schloss:

Grand March: Bring your banners, add to the color of the day. No need to worry about where to stand, the heralds will be happy to tell you where to go!

Brotherhood of the Blade & Other Groups:
What other early Caidan guilds, households, and fighting groups can we bring out of hiding?

Stories of Old Time Caid:
You've heard some of the stories 4th and 5th hand, now get the story right from the source. Hear and record early SCA members recounting SCA days of yore for your enjoyment and edification. You can ask questions of our incredible guests. In former years, story-tellers included Duke Henrik of Havn (first crowned King of the SCA) describing his coronation entrance on a borrowed horse; Duchess Carol of Bellatrix (Queen of the West, before and after Caid became a Kingdom) Duke Gregory of York (only Caidan to sit the Western Throne); Sir Robear du Bois (introduced pole arms to Caid and was the first Baron of Altavia); Duke Martin the Temperate (gave a brief lesson on his famous snap, talked about being Viscount and King of Caid) Duke Armand de Sevingny (first King of Caid), and Sir Charles of Dublin (first Earl Marshal of Caid); Master John ap Griffin (twice on the Board of Directors), and others.

Heavy Weapons Fighting:
In traditional AS12 style, there will be 2 warm-up melees before single eliminations begin. Winner may declare a Queen of Love and Beauty. There will be single combat challenges as well as List events. In celebration of the SCA's 40th year, we're pitting older fighters against younger fighters. The winner of both lists will fight each other to determine the grand winner. There will be prizes.

Rapier Fighting:
This year there will be what was once called swishy-pokey activities, so bring your weapons and join the fun! For information contact: Don Robert Camulus Brigantia:

Memorabilia Display:
All early SCA fighting groups, guilds, and households: come and display your history and historical artifacts! We'll have a dry and well-guarded pavilion to exhibit those photos, newsletters, garb, armor, crafts, mementos, etc, that you bring to help us assemble a temporary museum of Caidan History.

Traditional AS12 games will be played: Tug-of-war; Duke, Duke, Duchess; Clench-a-Wench and anything else we can remember from those long-ago days.

Contests (with prizes!):

  • Best authentic AS12 picnic tourney lunch (KFC buckets, etc)
  • Identify that person contest: THL Isabeau's famous "Name that peer" photo contest
  • Oldest piece of non-usable armor
  • Oldest piece of armor still in use
  • Oldest costume no longer in use
  • Oldest costume still wearable
  • Lowest membership number
  • Best excuse using the word 'Seneschal'
  • and other surprise on-the-spot contests

Fabric Swap:
Bring that fabric (buttons, trim, thread, yarn, etc) that seemed such a bargain at the time, or that you really meant to use someday, and trade it for someone else's goodies. If bringing buttons or other small items, please bag them. Nothing to trade? Shop with real money! For details, contact Madelena:

White Elephant Sale:
Bring all those unused goodies to donate so next year's Principality of Caid Tourney will be even bigger and better! Items do not have to be SCA-related. They can even be romance paperbacks or those "Oh, Aunt Edna, you shouldn't have!" gifts you have stowed away.

Bake Sale! Bring something yummy to donate for sale to make next year's Tourney better.

Fiber Circle:
We will have a spinning/sewing/needle arts gathering under the trees, so bring your projects and come play! Bring spinning wheels, drop spindles, lucets, inkle and card looms, embroidery, and anything else you wish.

Thomas White Hart (aka True Thomas the Storyteller) will tell stories for our youth! (Adults are welcome!) We'll have other activities for children throughout the day.

No merchant fee, each booth gets 1 free site token, but the park requires 15% of your day's gross profit. Contact Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani: with "Principality Tourney Merchant" in the subject line.

Site fee:
$6 for SCA members, $9.00 for non-members, $3 for children 5-12, children under 5 are guests of the Barony." Make checks payable to SCA Inc./Barony of Altavia

Schedule of the Day
8 am Site opens for setup
10 am Grand March & Opening Court -- Lists close 1/2 hour after close of court
All day: Fighting, Stories, Bake Sale, Fabric Swap, Contests, Exhibits, Activities, Fun!
5 pm (maybe) Closing Court
8 pm Site closes

Directions to Site:
Take the 210 North (towards Santa Clarita) to the Hubbard exit. Turn right on Hubbard and follow it to Eldridge. Turn left on Eldridge and go to the first stop sign, which is Sayre. Turn right on Sayre and follow it all the way up the hill. Altavia signs will direct you to the event in park.

What's in a Name? This event has variously been called Tourney of Reunion, and The Old-Timers Tourney. Unfortunately, 'Tourney of Reunion' doesn't mean much to anyone, and 'Old-Timer's Tourney' not only indicated a boring event of creaky Aulde Pharts, but the name was unhappily twisted to 'Alzheimer's Tourney.' So the name has been officially changed to the more descriptive title listed above.

Photographs & Recording is Encouraged! Please bring anything to archive these folk and their memories.

NOT JUST AN ALTAVIAN EVENT! This is a very special Kingdom-wide day. Anyone from any area is welcome to be on the committee to make this event a memorable time for all. Please pass the word to your barony and guilds that this is THE event to put on the calendar!