Count Sir Cosmo Craven Victorious in Atenveldt Crown List

Approximately 35 combatants took the field on March 4 in the Atenveldt Crown Tournament, held in the Shire of Burning Sands (Yuma, AZ). His Excellency, Count Sir Cosmo Craven the Elder has triumphed, to become the next Crown Prince of Atenveldt. His Excellency was inspired by his consort, Lady Mary Rose of Burgundy.

Sir Morgan Crusadene Claymore needed to win twice in the final round, and landed a beautiful shot to the face grill in the first bout of the final, evening up the score, but Sir Cosmo defeated Sir Morgan in a very well-fought final bout.

The last four combatants also included His Excellency, Count Sir Phelan and Sir Walrick.