Feast of Fools, Venetian Nights

Let the merriment and splendors of a night in Venice during Carnival lure you to the fair Barony of Dragonsspine and the College of Tygre's Keep.

Their Excellencies, Lothar and Lydia, will choose a Best Venetian Costume and there will be a Laurels' Choice for the Best Venetian Mask. The children will have fun with a 'decorate your own mask' activity.

We will have fighting and lots of it, both armored and rapier. There will also be a Queen of Hearts Croquet Tournament and period gaming for non-combatants.

During feast there will be a bawdy bardic (PG please, but with lots of innuendo). Please contact Lady Cecilia if you would like to entertain.

As always, following a wonderful feast, is the Court of Misrule with the traditional costume pun contest, a great previous example would be a lady in a Tudor dress carrying a bowling ball in her arm with a wig on it, to choose the next King and Queen of Misrule. Following the Foolish Court will be court dancing and lively games, including Caer Galen Musical Chairs.

Bemis Hall
Colorado College
14 East Cache La Poudre,
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Directions: From the North or South: Take I-25 to the Uintah Exit 143. Turn Left onto West Uintah Street, turn right onto North Cascade Avenue, Bemis Hall is located behind the Worner Student Center on the corner of Cascade and Cache La Poudre. Parking on the streets is limited; there is a parking lot on the southwest corner of Cache La Poudre and Cascade.

Site Opens: 10:00 am, Site Closes: 11:00 pm, Site is DRY!!

Fees: Site Fee: Adult $5.00 Children $3.00 Children under 3 Free, $3.00 non-member surcharge Feast Fee: Adult $10.00 Children $5.00

Autocrat: Lady Cecilia Wrenne, Mandy McClure archery@dragonsspine.org

Co-Autocrat: Lady Qara Qulan, Melissa Barton qaraqulan@gmail.com

For questions or recipes, or any food related allergies, please contact Anna Stjarna at Berensmom@AOL.com