Kissing Auction Brings Smiles to Faces and Money to Chirurgeons!

Brigit Thornwielder, Abbess of the Sisters of the Yellow Veil, has announced that the recent Kissing Auction at Estrella War XXII was a great success, but for the Chirurgeons and for the recipients of the kisses.

Brigit writes:

It wasn't all just fighting at Estrella War XXII. Thanks to the West Kingdom Sisters of the Yellow Veil (a.k.a. The Courtesans' Guild) there was plenty of kissing as well! All for a good cause.

The Sisters of the Yellow Veil, newly formed last fall in the West Kingdom, sponsored a Kissing Auction at the West Kingdom party on Saturday night of Estrella. Members of the populace, as well as Peers, Knights and even a few Royal Peers, volunteered to sell a kiss to the highest bidder, all to benefit the West Kingdom's Chirurgeons and their efforts to purchase a new "eric worthy" pavilion.

The bidding began with a roar as the first volunteer's kiss went for $70. Bidders were told beforehand that big bucks would not guarantee a "big" kiss and that the form of kiss given was entirely up to the volunteer that sold their kiss. This did not seem to deter high bidding, however! 20 kisses later, the Sisters of the Yellow Veil had gathered $475 for the Chirurgeons. Not all the bidders received individual kisses, as pairs, couples and even a trio of volunteers were sold.

People later remarked on how entertaining the event had been and asked whether the Courtesans Guild would sponsor such an auction again next year. The Sisters would like to thank the Saucy Wench and His Majesty, Fabian, King of the West, for permission to hold the auction, as well as all who volunteered and bid.

"Not sure what whether we will do this exact sort of thing again next year, " said Brigit Thornwielder, Abbess of the Sisters of the Yellow Veil and auctioneer, "but you can bet we will do something every bit as entertaining and for an equally worthy cause. We're courtesans, after all!"