Baronial Regalia Stolen in Artemisia

On 27, February, 2006 between the hours of 12:00 midnight, the garage and vehicles belonging to Their Excellencies of Loch Salann (Salt Lake City, Utah), Artemisia, were broken into. Several items of regalia were stolen.

Ulrich and Rachel, (Glen and Laura Vansteeter) have had the following items stolen from their home.

  • The Loch Salann baronial coronets.
  • The Loch Salann baronial scepter
  • The new award medallions for Loch Salann
  • Ulrich’s chain of estate
  • Rachel’s plaque belt
  • Other assorted jewelry
  • Some daggers

It is suspected that the thieves knew where to look, but not necessarily what they were looking at, as His Excellency’s armor was passed over by thieves. It is a further concern that, once the items are determined to be difficult to re-sell, they may be discarded. Additionally, people are reminded that Mardi Gras was celebrated on 28 February, and the theft may be connected to a party or event associated with the celebration.

Anyone with information should contact Their Excellencies at