PainBank: An SCA-centric podcast

Richard fitzWilliams and Kith the Silent, both from the Midrealm, have inaugurated a podcast series of interest to SCAdians. The PainBank podcasts will feature mostly armoured combat topics initially, but the creators hope to branch out to other topics soon.

A "podcast" is a pre-recorded MP3 audio program that is intended to be downloaded from the web into a portable player such as an Apple iPod™ or similar.

Richard fitzWilliams writes:

I just wanted to announce a Podcast myself and Kith the Silent are producing.

I will post daily podcasts from Pennsic, but I hope to get other events as well, like Gulf Wars, but I don't know if I can post daily yet or not.

Richard fitzWilliams
Pentamere, Midrealm (Detroit)

A bit about our podcast:

It is mainly heavy weapons focused, although I will branch out as time goes. My main goal is to get some great audio recordings of the famous folks within the SCA for historical purposes. It is also an awesome way to get to know someone, who you might not have the time to at an event or otherwise.

It is mainly focused on the Midrealm, but I hope to expand to other kingdoms as we get better at it.

Here is our website:

and the direct RSS feed for subscribing to via your favorite Podcatcher:

If you are interested in this, but don't know what a podcast is, visit and do a search on Podcast.

It is basically a periodic 'radio' show recording in an MP3 format.