"Tools of Our Trade" Drive to Restock Lost Recreation Supplies

Baroness Gwynnyd has announced a drive to help replace supplies for those reenactors who lost those materials necessary to enjoy their hobby during last year's devastating hurricane season.

Her Excellency writes:

Last year's hurricanes devastated large areas of the American south. Among those who lost many things are members of the SCA. The tools and materials of our hobbies come far down on the list of necessities to replace and far up on the list of things that make life more pleasant and rewarding.

The region of Pentamere in the Middle Kingdom is spearheading an effort we are calling "Tools of Our Trade" to help the people of Gleann Abahnn and Meridies replace the things needed to recreate the Middle Ages that were lost in last autumn's hurricanes. We already have a trailer load of supplies, including 8 sewing machines, 500 laminar plates, 5 lace making pillows and sets of bobbins, inkle looms, drop spindles, sewing supplies and kits, anvils, pounds and pounds of fleece and rovings, leather, fabric, feast gear, artist's brushes and numerous other things.

The autocrats of Gulf Wars have allocated a place in the Artisans' Grove to be used for the free distribution of the materials to anyone. If other groups or individuals would like to join our effort and contribute any extras, duplicates, or 'things you tried but probably won't use again' they have acquired in pursuit of our hobby, they would be more than welcome to bring or send them to Gulf Wars and distribute them alongside our efforts.

We are still short on:

  • Pens, Paints, Paper, and other scribal materials
  • Wood working and carving tools
  • Leather and Leather working tools
  • Metal working tools
  • Card weaving card sets
  • Archery and fletching tools
  • Rattan - duct tape
but anything and everything is welcome

For further details or any questions please contact Mistress GraziaGeralda at Carafellyg@michigan.gov or Baroness Gwynnyd at gwynnyd@di.org.

Please feel free to repost this on any other lists you may belong to.

Baroness Gwynnyd
aka Carol Lynn