Royal Cloaks Missing

Their Graces Edouard and Genevieve of the Kingdom of Ealdormere report the sad news that coronation cloaks from their first and second coronations were stolen from their car in downtown Toronto recently.

Her Grace Duchess Genevieve writes:


As some folks know, the Friday before Snowed Inn (Jan. 27), our car was broken into while parked in downtown T.O. At the time, all that appeared missing was a backpack containing items of little or no monetary value.

However, last night I discovered that another bag was missing - a dark blue GoodLife Fitness duffle bag. In it was the set of cloaks that Edouard and I wore for our first coronation. They were blue wool, with gold silk wolves and crowns appliqued and beaded by Edouard and James. Not a huge monetary value, but very sentimental to us. In fact, we only just realized they were missing because they almost never travel to events with us out of fear of being damaged. We have naturally checked in all of the usual spots.

Tragically, just as a fluke, a third cloak was in the bag. My red wool cloak, trimmed in ermine and made for our second coronation is also gone. He has lost one of his coronation cloaks, and I have lost both.

I have attached pictures of the cloaks at the bottom of this message. If you happen to see our cloaks being sold on eBay or the like, please let us know.

Please feel free to cross-post to other lists if you wouldn't mind, just on the offhand chance that someone has seen them. The owners would love to have them back.

A devasted duke and duchess,
Edouard & Genevieve