Rapier Combat at Estrella XXII

Niccolo of the Kingdom of Artemisia offers his observations on rapier combat at Estrella XXII.

Niccolo writes:

From the rapier field:

Artemisia fielded 20, and we were joined by four from the East, wiley buggers all of them.

We were by far the smallest force, and on average the youngest, yet our rapierists acquitted themselves extremely well.  Atenveldt-Artemisia won one scenario, "Kill the Commanders," proving that one need not be aged to exercise good treachery. :D  Our own Lord Daniel d'Aurelle got the kill on (if memory serves) the Outlandish Commander, which was half the victory.  

To me the most amazing was a bridge battle in which Artemisia, almost entirely unaided, held a bridge for 28 1/2 minutes, which I'm fairly sure is a record in the high-speed world of rapier melee.  (The time is not a guess -- the marshalls were timing, and if we'd held it for 30 minutes, the day would have been ours. This is not a complaint!  Doing the impossible makes you mighty, victory is just a bonus.)  

On Saturday we defended a town filled with choke points, one of which was assigned to Artemisia. Seeing how we were arrayed, Caid-Outlands re-deployed to bring the bulk of their guns and much of their weight to bear on us.  (Nothin' says lovin' like having the enemy concentrate on you. :D)

Commanders, White Scarves, and wiley bastards from around the Known World repeatedly came to me all weekend, complimenting the honor, style, and tactical acumen of our people, and they were often surprised to hear that the ones they singled out were among our youngest.

Our Crown Princess graced the field Saturday.  As we could not spare the folk to give her a proper guard, she was in mixing it up, just another (extremely fashionable, tho) soldier in our line.

Friday before things started, Her Majesty Artemisia attended our field to announce her intention to make Lord Azir a Defender of the White Scarf.  In honor of this, after the day's mayhem, Azir met all comers. (It's like being baby knight at Estrella, except the bruises are smaller :D)  Azir recieved his scarf Saturday morning, in time to permit him to take the field in the White Scarves tournament.

I hope readers can forgive the bluntness -- but in years past, observers around the Known World had noted a distressing level of pissivity in the rapier war point.  There were several -- including myself -- who had advocated doing away with the rapier war point. This war changed my mind.  From what I saw and heard, the rapier melees went more smoothly than any other year, going back to the legendary First War Point.

I do regret that we did not take the rapier war point.  From what I've heard from my command and other Kingdoms, I'm not sure that matters much :D