Crown List of Gleann Abhann Announced

Their Majesties Radu and Broinnfinn of the Kingdom of Gleann Ahbann have announced the list of competitors and consorts for Their upcoming Winter Crown Tourney.

Their Majesties write:

The Letters of Intent for the Second Crown List of Gleann Abhann have been reviewed. As it is in the interest of the Populace to know from whom your future Crown will come, we are releasing the list of the following competitors, listed in Order of Precedence (considering Precedence of both Combatant and Consort, highest prevailing):

  • Count Padruig dubh Cloghad for Countess Linnet MacLeod
  • Count Havordh Aetarbani for Countess Mary-Grace of Gatland
  • Viscount Eric of Chester for Viscountess Rhondalyn Kuykendall
  • Viscount Rey Ribeaumont for Viscountess Miriel du Bois
  • Viscount Caillin MacLeod for Viscountess Danielle de la Roche
  • Viscount Elesar of Northumbria for Viscountess Marion Lioncyna de Susa
  • Syr Loric Sylvestris for Mistress Diana of the Isles
  • THL Edward of Lyonsmoor for Mistress Eilidh nin Coinnich
  • Mistress Anyeta the Wanderer for THL Luther von Zeimer
  • THL Caedmon of Jorvik for Lady Roxana al Busura
  • Baron Brandr Wyborn for Lady Camilla di Ferrara
  • Lord Khalil abd al Rahman for THL Magdelena de Segovia (GOA order: 1985, An Tir)
  • THL Morgan MacLeod for THL Kathryn of Lindsay
  • THL Maximillian von Braun for Lady Rebecca of Abernathy
  • Lord Johannes von Gruefenberg for Lady Bronwen Ballard

We hope many of you will stand to witness the selection of Our Heirs from these honorable Champions and Consorts.

Radu and Broinnfinn
Rex et Regina Gleann Abhann