House Golden Oak Winner of Estrella Siege Cookoff

A team of cooks from House Golden Oak won the siege cooking contest at Estrella War XXII. They reportedly also went on to roast a whole pig - on site - for a feast for Their Majesties of the Outlands Sunday evening.

Mistress Leonora writes:

The Siege Team consisted of Lady Theresa, team leader and bringer of the amazing kitchen, Mistress Marianna Wren cook extraordinary and bringer of the tapestries and beautiful serving dishes, Mistress Meriel kitchen goddess and sauce maker, Lord Trayfen, breadmaker, oven-tender, and great cook, and Mistress Leonora cheesemaker and scullery maid.  The gracious Lady Anne Bigod was our chronicler and she and Mistress Ainrea helped out with information and raw materials for amazing letters.

I hope that Lady Theresa kept the wonderful notes from the day and sends out information about the SEVENTEEN dishes that were prepared.

All the best,

Dama Theresa adds:

Food has been cooked, siege is over and war is a fond memory. The competition began with a letter from mother to daughter asking for supplies of food to feed honored guests of a Duke and his Duchess in a "delicate condition". We penned a letter back from daughter to mother including the period way for folding a letter. The Judges were very impressed with the extra effort.

Outlands took the Siege Cooking Competition with the following dishes:

  • 1st course ­ Focaccia baked in a fire brick oven, fresh cheese with parsley and lemon, fresh churned butter, oatmeal and leek cream soup.

  • 2nd course - Cornish Game Hen Ravioli with mustard cream sauce and rabbit pie (again baked in a period oven).

    To refresh the palate - Salat with herbs and beets and a cider vinegar dressing, and a mint and honey drink (to soothe the tummy of the Dutchess who was noted to be with child).

  • 3rd course - Shitake and Onion Stuffed Cornish Game Hen over herbed lentils and Rabbit breast roundels stuffed with rice, currents and almonds stuffing served with a sweet wine sauce.

  • 4th course ­ Marzipan cookies, figs in honey syrup and rice pudding with currents, almond milk and apples, and mulled wine.

Each of the cooks brought an area of expertise that blended and complemented one and others styles, no one person made a dish alone, we all pitched in with the dishes:

  • Mistress Mirianna ­almond milk, salat, rabbit breast roundels, marzipan cookies, and decorated the dinning room to make Martha Steward envious.
  • Mistress Leonora ­ was our resident expert on herbs, she was able to identify ingredients and let us know which herbs were best in each dish. She made the fresh cheese which the judges made particular mention at the judging. In addition she made the mulled wine, the salat dressing, the whole wheat pasta and the mint drink.
  • Lord Trayfen ­ Having a professional chef on the team, how could we lose! From the Bread to the stuffed game hen legs to the sauce for the rabbit breast he knew what he was doing and could do it under pressure.
  • Mistress Meriel ­ Fresh butter, mustard sauce and Figs, from first course to desert her versatility was awesome. She was help with all the dishes and made sure each one tasted delicious before it went out. Then she went in and helped make the dinning room look incredible.
  • Dama Theresa ­ Team Captain, made the Oatmeal and Leek soup, Ravioli, Rabbit Pie and Rice Pudding and served the dishes while answering questions from the judges.
  • Mistress Aldyth Trefaldwyn ­ Outlands Judge for the competition, whom in good humor we promptly made her our Duchess "gravid".
  • Lady Anne Bigod ­ While not a part of the team she kept the time and took extraordinary notes, for this we are able to make these dishes again. She also provided expertise and materials for the letters.

Thank you all for the fun, we totally cooked butt!

Dama Theresa